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FEUBOND NR 210 – Leather & Form Adhesive

FEUBOND NR 210 – Leather & Form Adhesive

FEUBOND NR 210 is a Natural Rubber Adhesive made of natural rubber. Its application is prominent in areas where low initial bond strength is required. Our product is unique in the market due to its high tack retention time and bonding strength. It develops good initial bond strength, perfect viscosity, low to no odor, and fast evaporating industrial adhesive. Also free from harmful benzene and toluene solvent.


-Excellent tack and tack retention time Long open time
-No Pungent Smell. Hence safe for workmen and the environment
-Suitable for Natural and Synthetic leathers
-No harmful benzene & Toluene


-Leather jacket manufacturing
-Leather belts 
-Foam to foam 
-Satin and velvet clothes 
-MDF boards 
-Wood & Rubber foam 

Technical Specification: 



          Test Method 





Light Brownish, Moderately Viscous Liquid 

Density at 30°C 



0.75 ± 0.03 gm / ml 

Viscosity at 30°C 

c Ps 

ASTM D 2196 

6000 ± 7000 MPs 

Dry Time 



10 to 15 minutes 

Flash Point 

Deg Cel 


0 - 4 

Solid Content 




Tack Retention Time 



10 to 12 minutes 

Shelf Life 



12 months 

Tack retention time (open time) is generally measured after the evaporation of solvent once the adhesive is applied to a thin film. It may vary depending on ambient temperature and humid conditions. 

PROCESS OF APPLICATION: Surface preparation: Ensure that the substrates to be bonded are clean, dry, and free from oil, grease, and foreign particles such as dust and rust. 

APPLICATION METHOD: Stir the adhesive well and make it homogeneous before use. Apply adhesive uniformly in a thin layer on a single side of the substrates to be bonded with a brush, spatula, or any suitable tool. Allow evaporation of solvents from the adhesive layer to develop tack. The evaporation of solvent may take 5 minutes to 10 minutes, which depends upon ambient temperature and humidity. In case of an absorbing substrate, apply a second coat and allow drying for 10 minutes to 12 minutes. Assemble both substrates with uniform contact pressure to achieve intimate contact without air pockets. The optimum bond strength is achieved after 24 hours. 

 PACKAGING: FEUBOND NR 210 is available in % LTR, 20 LTR MS drums. Another packing may be considered on request. 

 STORAGE AND HANDLING: FEUBOND NR 210 should be stored in a cool and dry place away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. It contains highly volatile solvents, which will release during the application, processing, and use. These volatile solvents are highly flammable; hence adhesive must not meet heat, spark, and necked flame. This product has a shelf-life of 1 year if stored in its original container between 2°C and 40°C away from humidity and excessive heat. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for detailed instructions on storage and handling. 

SAFETY: Wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. In case of direct contact and irritation, it should be washed off immediately with soap and warm water. Proper ventilation must be provided to the shop floor where adhesive is used. Avoid breathing vapors, mist, or gas. Please refer to the SDS for detailed safety instructions. 

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