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Fire rated Gaskets

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Fire rated Gaskets

To minimize air leakage in air conditioning ducting systems and resist fire and smoke ingress inside the fire-rated ducts, gaskets play a significant role.

FEUKEM provides “FEUTAPE” Ceramic Gaskets that have excellent flexibility and is suitable to be used for fire-rated ducts. It is flexible, durable & easy to use, and has proven excellent for preventing condensation problems & Energy saving.  It is tested for 120 minutes of fire resistance under standard fire conditions (ISO 834)


  • Excellent for preventing condensation problems
  • Fire safe up to 1050 Deg Cel for 120 minutes
  • Flexible & self-adhesive insulation foam tape
  • Prevents fire & smoke ingress inside the ducts
  • Flexible, durable & easy to use

Technical Specification:




Test Method



ASTM D 1667
96 +/- 20 %



ASTM D 3652

3 mm  +/- 0.5mm

Tensile Strength


ASTM D 3759

3800/25.4 mm

Elongation at break


ASTM D 3579

155 %

Temperature range

Deg Cel

- 40 to  1050 Deg Cel

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