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Insulation Protective Coatings

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Insulation Protective Coatings

FEUCOAT 100 Insulation Protective Coating

With the increase in the demand for energy, the concept of thermal insulation has emerged drastically in industrial and commercial projects for a better thermal efficient system.

The cost of thermal insulation is quite high and if it is not properly protected there is a chance of water/moisture ingression into the insulation which further results in huge energy loss, reduced thermal efficiency, and corrosion of steel which decreases the lifespan, impacting the bottom line.

FEUKEM recommends using “FEUCOAT 100 – Protective Coating” is a water-based solution specially formulated to provide protection of insulation from UV, moisture, and mechanical impact on air conditioning ducts & pipes insulated with Glasswool, Rockwool, EPS, Nitrile Rubber, XLPE, and EPDM insulation. It is applied by wrapping woven fiberglass cloth over ducts & pipes. It has antifungal, UV & water-resistant properties, and provides excellent protection to insulated ducts & pipes. FEUCOAT 100 is a non-flammable green product with low VOC and is recommended to be used for environment-friendly projects.


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