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Fire Stops

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Fire Stops

In virtually every building, the fire-resistance-rated and/or smoke-resistant assemblies are penetrated by pipes, cable trays, vents, tubing, wiring, conduit, and ductwork so that building systems can be installed, and the building can serve their intended function. When this is done the building compartmentation gets breached which forms the point of non-compliance and these breaches can become a threat to life and property safety if unsealed by approved fire stop systems.

In India, NBC 2016 recommends the sealing of breaches created by low voltage cables, electrical cables, pipes, ducts and shaft sealing, etc. under multiple clauses. However, it does not give very comprehensive detail in the 2016 edition.

The requirements for the protection of penetrations will vary based on the type of assembly being penetrated and the type of penetrating item, the intent of all of the provisions is essentially the same: to restore the fire-resistance-rated assembly to its original condition so that the penetration does not reduce the assembly’s rating. Section 714 contains four main parts, which will be discussed shortly. They include:

Fire-resistance rated walls

Fire-resistance-rated horizontal assemblies

Non-fire-resistance rated horizontal assemblies

Smoke barriers

Are you looking for the best fire-stop solution, Let's connect with our fire specialist experts.

FEUKEM Provides passive fire protection systems used to seal construction penetrations. It prevents the spread of flames, deadly gases, and toxic smoke through openings created during building upgrades and the installation of electrical, communications, plumbing, and ventilation systems, as well as grease ducts.

FEUKEM fire stop systems conform to the requirements of BS 476 Part 6 & 7, tested from CBRI, Roorkee. FEUKEM Fire Stop Assembly tested for 120 minutes as per the requirement of BS 476 Part 20, to analyze stability, integrity, and insulation performance criteria for the proper functioning of the fire stop system in case of a fire incident.


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